Working at Cannamedical®

Excellent perspectives in a forward looking company

The satisfaction of our employees is the base of our global human resources strategy which ensures the success of our business activities.


What you can expect from us

Working at Cannamedical®


Fast growing, innovative company


Intensive cooperation in a highly ambitious and dynamic team


Versatile tasks in an international environment


Attractive remuneration and additional benefits

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We focus on tolerance, fairness and equal opportunities

Diversity that unites

The diversity of our employees as well as the respectful basic attitude and approach at all levels of our company are essential components of our philosophy. This includes fair working conditions, an integrating working environment, market oriented wages and other labour law regulations.

Our values are the same for all employees – we make no distinction based on personal characteristics such as nationality, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.

We expect our employees to contribute to a positive working atmosphere through their behaviour towards each other. The opportunity to get to know other cultures and ways of thinking while working together is an enrichment for all employees and contributes to the long-term international success of the company.

Employee benefits at Cannamedical®


We offer our employees discounted additional offers, such as meal allowances or gym membership. This is how we ensure that our employees feel good at all times.

Drinks and snacks

In our kitchen you can get coffee, tea and water at any time – as much as you want and of course for free! And for the little hunger in between, fruit and small snacks are ready.


If you wish, you can get a discounted VRS JobTicket from Cannamedical®. The JobTicket can also be extended to certain areas of the Rhine-Ruhr transport association if your place of residence is there. Independently of this, the VRS JobTicket can also be extended to the entire area of the Aachener Verkehrsverbund (AVV). Further information about the JobTicket can be found here.

Just Fit

As a Cannamedical® employee, you get the opportunity to sign an exclusive discounted contract at Just Fit. The studio is located in the immediate vicinity of our office.


Our lunch is delivered with mealmates! For us, mealmates are the perfect alternative to the canteen. Ordering is totally uncomplicated and the dishes are super tasty. The mealmates meal is also subsidized by Cannamedical®.

Employee surveys

Nobody is perfect. That’s why we conduct employee surveys and feedback interviews at regular intervals. This is the only way we as a company can respond to the needs of our employees and continuously improve!


A good breakfast is the most important basis for a successful day! That’s why we offer you as much muesli as you like. At our mymuesli muesli board there is something for every taste.


We value diversity and individuality. For us, all people are equal, regardless of their ethnic origin, race, gender, religion or ideology.


Intercultural cooperation is an enrichment for all employees and contributes to the company’s international success in the long term.


Our diverse workforce allows us to best meet the diverse needs of our customers and business partners from around the world.

About us

Why Cannamedical®?

Senior Supply Chain Manager

Justus Lassnig

Together with our first-class partners, we can guarantee a smooth process along the entire supply chain. This is also reflected in the premium quality of our products.

Human Resources Manager

Sara Emons

In no other industry can you achieve as much in a short time as you can here. The team consists of the most diverse talents and personalities, yet we all have the same goal.

Head of Pharmacy Sales

Burak Seckinok

For us, people are the center of attention: Always! We take time for our customers and offer a range of services that is unique in the industry and leaves nothing to be desired. This is what motivates me.

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We are member of the DGS, BPC and VCI


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